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Synopsis: After escaping from a Huntsville prison, convict Butch Haynes and his partner Terry Pugh kidnap a young boy, Philip Perry, and flee across Texas.

As they travel together, Butch and Philip discover common bonds and suffer the abuses of the outside "Perfect World." In pursuit is Texas Ranger "Red" Garnett and criminologist Sally Gerber.

Song by Eels from the homonymous album' Daisies Of The Galaxy' (Dreamworks, 2000) I think the song perfectly captures the essence of their unusual video was created for artistic and recreational purposes only. Waterworld movie clips: 1Jan3x I BUY THE MOVIE: u6ht Hi Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: 1u2y6pr CLIP DESCRIPTION: After he is ripped off by a Drifter (Chaim Girafi), the Mariner (Kevin Costner) destroys the man's mast, leaving him adrift for the Smokers.

FILM DESCRIPTION: Widely considered to be an expensive failure, Waterworld was an epic vehicle for Kevin Costner, who starred in and co-produced the film, with his friend Kevin Reynolds as director.

It was based on a 1986 screenplay by Peter Rader and cost an estimated $235 million, more than any film in history up to that time.

Costner eventually fired Reynolds and directed the last few scenes himself.

Enola's back is tattooed with a map showing how to get to Dryland, the last unflooded area on Earth.

But Deacon, who needs to get to Dryland to replenish the Smokers' oil supply, can't immediately decipher it.

CREDITS: TM & © Universal (1995) Cast: Kevin Costner, Chaim Girafi Directors: Kevin Costner, Kevin Reynolds Producers: Kevin Costner, John Davis, David Fulton, Lawrence Gordon, Ilona Herzberg, Gene Levy, Andrew Licht, Jeffrey A.

Mueller, Charles Gordon Screenwriters: David Twohy, Peter Rader WHO ARE WE?

The story was filmed in Hawaii, using several artificial islands, and is set in an apocalyptic future, after global warming has melted the polar ice caps and flooded civilization.


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