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Camp Crystal Lake also known as Camp Forest Green, and, more commonly Camp Blood, was a summer camp for kids in the Friday the 13th film series.

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Jason Voorhees was unable to swim in the lake and drowned while the camp counselors were making love on the job.

The Christys closed the Camp for the season to allow for an investigation, avoid a scandal or both.

Authorities determined Jason's death was accidental. The Camp reopened the next season in 1958 and Pamela was rehired by the Christys against their better judgment and the counselors Barry and Claudette who were associated with Jason's apparent death, were hired for the year as they were never suspected of any negligence, though Barry And Claudette weren't the only counselors not watching, all the other counselors weren't either, the were talking and having sex.

Pamela, seeking revenge on the counselors she blames for her son's death, murdered Barry and Claudette one night as they were preparing to have sex.

These murders could not be covered up nor blamed as an accident, and the Christys shut down the camp indefinately.

Pamela was never suspected, and police ruled the homicides of Claudette and Barry unsolved crimes.

There were apparently multiple attempts to reopen Camp Crystal Lake throughout the 1960s.

It is unknown if the Christys made these attempts or if the camp had changed hands. A series of fires in 1962 prevented the summer debut, as did the discovery of poisoned water in 1966.

Although it was never known who was the instigator, the finger of guilt pointed squarely at Pamela Voorhees.

Her sick mind combined with her overprotectiveness of her son had convinced her that the murder of Barry and Claudette was not vengenence served; she had to ensure no one else's child would suffer the same doom as Jason.

By living close to the camp, this enabled Pamela to keep a watchful eye on Camp Crystal Lake to ensure it remained unattended. In 1980, a hope to resurrect the failed summer camp came when Steve Christy made another attempt to reopen Camp Crystal Lake.

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