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Montserrat Mendoza(Boyer) is a beautiful young woman who's family is in danger of financial ruin. She becomes a different woman and her new attitude sends her to the family's hacienda. See full summary » "Pasión de gavilanes" is the story of the Reyes brothers, three honest and good-natured men until the day a shocking and unforgettable tragedy makes them go in search of revenge. See full summary » Lucrecia and Julian are kids when a disaster happens to Lucrecias family.

After Montserrat ruins her engagement to her boyfriend, to save their wealth, her conniving... Her younger brother drowns in the river near her house.

See full summary » Join us for a Facebook Live chat with American Honey star Sasha Lane on Monday, Sept. When Lucrecia comes back to town years later she falls in ...

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Follow IMDb on Facebook Amores Verdaderos (True Love) is a 2012 Mexican telenovela produced by Nicandro Díaz Gonzalez for Televisa.

See full summary » An original story by renowned novela dame Delia Fiallo.

Ana Paula fights to set herself free from her powerful and short-tempered husband Rogelio whom she met while working at the Hacienda ...

See full summary » Montserrat Mendoza(Boyer) is a beautiful young woman who's family is in danger of financial ruin.

After Montserrat ruins her engagement to her boyfriend, to save their wealth, her conniving Mother, Graciela, cuts a deal with newly minted billionaire, Alejandro Almonte.

In exchange for paying off their debts, Graciela will push Montserrat to persue a relationship with Alejandro, hoping it will lead to marriage.Little does she know, that Montserrat already has a husband in mind, Jose Luis Alvarez.Graciela and Alejandro are determined to pull Montserrat away from Jose Luis forever.Montserrat and her family deal with unrequited love, gangs, death, and betrayal.Angelique Boyer (Monserrat Mendoza), Sebastian Rulli (Alejandro Almonte), Alejandro Ávila (Victor Hernandez), Margarita Magaña (Esmeralda), and Isabella Camil (Amelia) all starred in the novela "Teresa" together See more » I enjoy watching this TV series everyday I can not miss a single episode I at least watch it twice a day I enjoy it so much.If i ever do miss an episode i record the show so i can enjoy and watch it later on.


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