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Although the Noahide courts are responsibile for only the Seven Universal Laws, not the 613 laws of the Torah, there is an opinion that each decision of the Noahide courts must follow its counterpart in Jewish Law.

The accepted opinion, however, is that Noahide judges and courts of law are to render legal decisions according to their own laws and principles of law. Arbitration and mediation or any other means of finding an amicable settlement or compromise, thereby avoiding a court trial, is desirable, and, more than that, it is a commandment to seek compromise. The Children of Noah are responsible for knowledge of the Seven Universal Laws, and therefore one does not have to be warned that he is committing a transgression in order to be accused in a court of law.[6] For these laws were established as Law of the Land in 1991 more than a decade ago when the first war of Bush, & hasem began against the innocent but hated enemy of the Talmudic Rabbi's.

Now Bush-ka two will enforce these laws in Wars of Bush & Hashem II or WWIII. It is forbidden for a court to have compassion on a murderer, saying that since one person has already been killed, what purpose could there be in killing another?

He ruled that such "Autonomy is tantamount to a denial of the Jewish religion." (Nadav Shraggai, Ha'aretz, Oct. It is through the rapid emergence of this ostensibly secular but all-pervasive "Holocaustianity" -- whereby the religion of Judaism is gaining enormous power and influence as mankind's supreme ethos and the creed of God's Holy People. The Children of Noah are commanded to establish courts of law that will carry out justice and maintain human righteousness and morality in accord with the Seven Universal Laws.[1] A court system that perverts justice by handing down rulings in conflict with the Seven Universal Laws is an instrument for driving God's blessings out of the world.

Anyone who fails to establish a court system, that is, who lives in a community or city in which there are no courts, and who does nothing to correct the situation, Note: The entire Judicial system in the United states save a minority are indeed obedient Noachide Freemasons in the order of the Talmudic Satanic doctrine.

See Judge Roy Moores sham fight of the TEN Commandments, which the Talmudic Jew WILL have removed according to Talmud Bavli, as Talmud states it is only their Talmudic Jewish inheritance and not for the Goyim but that Goy have the Talmudic Noahide Laws whic the Exclusive Rabbi's of the synagogue of Satan will enforcement by the Power and Might of all the Money that they control and all of the greedy politicians.

In the Book of Genesis (), we learn that two of Jacob's sons, Simeon and Levi, slew every male in the city of Shechem.

The prince of the community, Shechem, son of Hamor, had raped their sister, Dinah, and the city failed to execute justice by bringing him to a court of law.

The city was therefore guilty of transgressing this seventh of the Seven Universal Laws, and every citizen was liable for punishment. The commandment to establish courts of law, though it might appear to be a positive commandment calling for affirmative action, is considered a prohibition.

In effect, the commandment to establish courts of law is a prohibition against failing to establish courts of law, because failure to establish appropriate courts inhibits the performance of justice throughout the nations.[2] 6.

In civil matters, that is, cases between individual parties, later authorities question whether the Noahide is commanded to follow the same principles as Jewish law and Jewish courts, or whether he is to follow rulings established by his own Noahide courts and laws.

Whereas, your government the Executive and Legislative as well as Judicial have un-Constitutionally made Talmudic Judaism the Law and the Religion of the land, and there fore delivered the Good Citizens of the United States of America to the Talmudic sons of the synagogues son of Satan to become bondservants under Baal their g-d. Government Lays Groundwork for Talmudic Courts "Our" government under Presidents Reagan, Bush and Clinton, has provided, under the euphemism of education (for example, House Joint Resolution 173 and Public Law 102-14), a groundwork for the establishment of Talmudic "courts of justice" to be administered by disciples of Shneur Zalman's Chabad successor, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. Under the Talmud's counterfeit Noahide Laws, the worship of Jesus is forbidden under penalty of death, since such worship of Christ is condemned by Judaism as idolatry. Furthermore, all non-Jews would have the legal status of ger toshav ("resident alien," cf.


  1. Hedd Wyn (born Ellis Humphrey Evans, 13 January 1887 – 31 July 1917) was a Welsh language poet who was killed near Ypres, Belgium, during the Battle of Passchendaele in World War I.

  2. I corsi principali includono lezioni pratiche in laboratorio (16-20 settimanali) e alcune ore di lezioni teoriche, come ad esempio Storia del Gioiello, Disegno Tecnico, Gemmologia.

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