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The less control you have, the greater the risk of injury.

The value of self-control is a Ranger’s first lesson in flowing with nature.

When using blades, consider how much control each technique gives you.

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Your body is filled with blood—cutting into your flesh will cause you to spill red wet, sticky stuff all over the place.

Remember to imagine any potential path of the blade—keeping your body, hands and fingers well out of the way of any cut.

“Sharpen your knife, sharpen your life” is a Ranger’s motto.

A dull knife can be dangerous, requiring more force and potentially slipping to lose control.

Parents commonly ask us how to bring our wood-carving curriculum home from camp.

With sound judgment and a thoughtful approach you can supervise your kids and safely support their new skills. As you and your child both grow in experience, you can better judge how much supervision they require. Don’t look away or get distracted, always keep your awareness on the cut.

A structured approach to woodcarving with knives helps kids develop the responsibility to use tools safely on their own. This extends beyond what you see—use all your senses to feel and hear the knife moving through the wood.

With every cut imagine any potential path your blade might take—be willing to shape and reshape your position and plans to assure complete safety. Your Outer Blood Circle is a safety zone you guard whenever using a blade.

Imagine circles as wide as you can reach with your sheathed blade—up above and all sides.

Don’t let anyone step into your Outer Blood Circle in case you slip while carving.

If someone steps into your Blood Circle, immediately stop using your blade and sheath it if necessary.


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