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And lastly, new players could be sent to newer servers to get a better social experience with people in the same level range.But, as EVE and the zone instancing of EQ2, Rift and SWTOR shows, modern architectures can handle more than 2500 players online at the same time on a single server.

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Which doesn’t help in non-dungeon areas, especially if the zone is structured in a way where it is advantageous having multiple players adventuring nearby.

For instance, to quickly drop a tougher NPC together and continue soloing.

Rift’s zone events and open grouping or WAR’s area quests are similar, since you will need more people in the same zone.

Disclaimer: I haven’t been playing Rift lately, so I don’t know if there is a solution in place.

Competitive players and guilds face also problems with a multiple server environment. A server is usually to small to sustain many high end guilds and recruiting often happens cross server.

A server transfer costs money, but is usually not that much of a problem. It usually happens offline on forums and can become clumsy, if those forums are spread out.

The EQ/EQ2 cross server chat is nice, but you still need to know on what server you’ll find your partner.

If WOW puts already player from different servers together temporarily, why not drop the shard concept all together? Part of the transition from multi user dungeons (MUD) into Massive multi player role playing games was the need to spread the players out across multiple servers, simply to handle the need for server capacity. The ability to multiply the name space and have multiple versions of “Chug Noris” was nice to have as well.

Posted by Feliz B on Mar 9, 2012 in Blog, Everquest II, Rift, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Uncategorized, World of Warcraft | 0 comments Some of my posts are triggered by the blogs I read, but end up looking only remotely related to the original content. A couple of blogs started to complain about WOW’s revamped “Scroll of Resurrection” (Bio Break, MMO Quests, Corpse Run).

Among other things, players returning to WOW can get an instant character at level 80.

Which leads to the question, why would it be advantageous to have an instant, content skipping, nearly painless level 80?


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