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Alvey Style Rods “The Right Rod for the Right Reel” For a balanced outfit and optimum performance, we offer a selection of rods designed specifically for the Alvey Side Cast Reel.

Butt grips are short, but still long enough to fit in a sand spike or rod holder.

For surf casting, especially, this design is much less tiring than having to reach out to the reel when casting and retrieving as is typical with long butt grip style rods.

These Alvey style rods are custom made in China to the requirements of Alvey Reels Australia.

With the exception of the graphite Model AL650GTS, all rods are fiberglass with graphite reel seats, black foam grips, aluminum oxide guides with black stainless steel frames, and colored guide wrappings with accent borders and decorative wrapping in front of the foregrip.

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Alvey Reels Australia was founded by Charles Alvey in 1920 and is located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

It has remained a family business and is currently under the direction of Bruce and Glenn Alvey, the great grandsons of Charles.

They continue to outperform other types of reels by sticking with a simple and efficient design that was done right the first time.

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