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Here it says in the current chapter to Fors Helle kirke in Elvsyssel prost judge, dated 1399: "jtem af arfuum Þords bænkstoks j Strond iij.

mf " Translated it means: In addition, [the old debt] by Tord Benkestokk in Strands heirs, 3 mark ancient ceremonies.

Debt, 3 mark fornorskning Gilda, means the value of 3 mark coin, or in time only lasts for value calculation from the ancient time, as in this case means from the beginning of 1300-century - it was the dating of value bills. But debt chapters for the churches in Båhuslen was accumulated over many years, largely debt had been unpaid claims since about 1350-60, or even longer.

There is reason to expect that Tord Benkestokks life was until this time, and that he died many years before the entry 1399.

-Strand is situated in Fors Helle (now Forshälla) parish, 11 km sørsørvest for Uddevalla in what was the old Norwegian landscape Båhuslen.

The farm is located as the name says on the coast, more specifically by Svanesundet (Svanehals, nå Havstens fjord, Brunnefjälls kile og Halsefjorden) between the mainland and Orust, as often mentioned in our old kongesagaer.Børn af Tord Benkestokk og _____: -- Trond Benkestokk.He died circa 1350 -- Tord Benkestokk -Slektens eldste kjente person heter Tord Benkestokk i Strand.Han er nevnt i Oslobiskop Øystein Aslakssons store jordebok fra slutten av 1300-tallet over all kirkelig eiendom i Oslo bispedømme som han hadde overoppsynet med.I et tillegg til jordeboka fra 1399 er det et kapittel over gammel og ennå ubetalt gjeld til bispedømmets kirker.Her heter det i gjeldskapitlet til Forshelle kirke i Elvsyssel prostedømme, datert 1399: «jtem af arfuum Þords bænkstoks j Strond iij. f.» Oversatt betyr det: dessuten [i gammel gjeld] av Tord benkestokk i Strands arvinger, 3 mark forngild.


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