Animal dating website

He realized both pets and people could benefit from more robust browse and search functions if local shelters could supply a database of pet profiles.

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He took what he knew worked within SNAP, as well as popular features from online dating, and began to frame them within the constructs of pet adoption.

All Paws, which officially launched in April of 2014 and released an i Phone app later that same year, now boasts nearly 1 million visits each month with more than 650,000 registered users, a required first step to adopt one of the 170,000 animals it has available.

Moving on from his success with SNAP, Darrell wanted to branch out of the dating scene while applying some of the “fun” aspects of dating websites and apps that make them so appealing and successful.

On the All Paws app, visitors can view cute animal photos by swiping through profiles and conducting searches based on 30 criteria within an area from one mile to over 500 miles away.

While dogs and cats make up the majority of the profiles, there are also nearly 50 barnyard animals (not including pigs, which account for even more) and over 500 “small and furry” pets for adoption, including guinea pigs, hedgehogs, and a single degu rodent.

Shelters and rescues that join the site can import pet profiles from their database or create them individually with up to 10 photos for each animal.The profile can also include details about the pet’s temperament, coat, training, and more, which can then be used in searches.Taking another page from dating profiles and websites, visitors can message the shelters right through All Paws to discuss the animal that caught their eye and set up a time to visit and adopt.The Short Version: Borrowing from the dating world’s concept of “swiping right” on what you like, All Paws helps users find the perfect pet with more than 170,000 profiles to browse through.Shelters and rescues upload profiles for the animals they are currently housing, and users can filter searches by preferences, like coat length, gender, and temperament, to find their best match.From pooches to alpacas, the All Paws database is accessible online or through its highly rated i Phone app.

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