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, the first installment in a series that would become the most successful ever from a female Scandinavian writer.

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“It’s no accident that Liza Marklund is one of the most dynamic and popular crime writers of our time.”–Patricia Cornwell “It’s obvious why Liza Marklund is such a popular writer, and so beloved by her loyal fans.

Her voice is crisp and clean, and she has a knack for building beautifully elaborate and suspenseful plots.

Her storytelling captivates readers, keeping them guessing right to the end with twists and turns you never see coming.

/…/ I am but one member of a steadily growing group of loyal fans.”–Karin Slaughter “Liza Marklund is in a league of her own thanks to her intelligent stories, her confident writing and her radical view on society.

There is no doubt about it.”–Henning Mankell “An astonishing talent.

/…/ Liza Marklund’s thrillers are stellar examples of those qualities inherent in the best fiction: She wholly immerses the reader in her world, and she writes with consummate intelligence, consistency and passion.”–Jeffery Deaver “Liza Marklund is the next great Nordic export for fans of crime fiction to discover.

Her books deliver edge-of-your-seat suspense, sophisticated plotting, complex characterization, and unique locales. ”–Harlan Coben “Liza Marklund’s thrillers are beautifully structured and tautly written.

Dynamic plots with suspense throughout.”–Kathy Reichs “What impresses me most about Liza Marklund’s novels is that they are intelligent and gripping.

As if that isn’t enough to raise them above just about everyone else’s work—Liza writes lively, often funny dialogue.”–James Patterson Radio Bremen’s Crime Award, The Swedish Academy of Crime Writers’ Award, The Petrona Award, The Swedish Literary Award, QX’s Book of the Year Award, Shortlisted for the Glass Key, The Swedish Union’s Award, Shortlisted for the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers’ Award, The Poloni Prize, The Swedish Academy of Crime Writers’ Award, Shortlisted for the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers’ Award , the 11th and final installment in her series about crime reporter Annika Bengtzon.

The jury of Radio Bremen praises the novel, calling it a “gripping political thriller” and lauds Marklund for her knowledgeable descriptions of current changes in the Swedish media landscape.

The award ceremony will take place on September 26th in Bremen.

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