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You swipe/click/poke/prod – they reciprocate, and then when it comes time to meet up, (s)he drops the bomb that they had no intention of actually meeting up – that “online dating is for losers and my BFF [presumably Jill] made me this profile for me as a joke.” Ways to avoid: Look out for too-much focus on “online” – if they keep harping on it, then it’s likely they have some self-security issues.The irony of this type of flake is that they often claim that online dating is only for losers/weirdos – but then what does that make them – who claim to not be looking for something, but instead troll online dating sites for someone to talk to.

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There are many of us on here who are seeking something more than a hookup, an arm accessory, or expensed meal (on the ‘corporate account’ of the dude’s bank account).

There are many people who put themselves out there emotionally through online dating – and if you keep burning them, well, they will eventually become jaded.

So more than anything, don’t ruin it for the rest of us. We’re all educated (yes, a disproportionate number of CMB users are highly, highly educated) so treat us like it, and don’t pull that kinda crap.

And with that, hope to see you on the app sometime, kiddos.

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Online dating is a wonderful way for two people that would otherwise never meet each other to go out on a date.Personally, I know at least four couples who are now happily married that met online. However, this is not necessarily a hub about the positive aspect of online dating.This hub is about the types of guys you meet while using online dating sites.Since diving into the online dating world over five years ago, I’ve had my share of great experiences.I’m a “glass half-full” kind of guy, so in my previous posts for Coffee Meets Bagel, I’ve tried to focus on the good that has come from my online experience.When asked why I still believe in it by friends, I have a wide selection of examples to draw from – and I’ve shared them with you all too.


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