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Senior and Baby Boomer travelers don't see themselves as old, and they don't all travel the same way or visit the same places.Find out what not to say to seniors and Baby Boomers who love to travel.

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Millennials have only known a world where everything from technology to social circles to jobs is fluid, so they’re graceful adapters by nature.

Read what Abby Elliott has to say to Baby Boomers MILLENNIAL INFLUENCERSMark Zuckerberg, 31The poster child for high-tech success, Facebook founder and Harvard dropout Zuckerberg parlayed an idea for an online dating service into a social networking empire that now connects 936 million people every day.

Worth $38.6 billion, he has expanded into everything from online advertising to virtual-reality gaming headsets and is poised to become the millennial equivalent of legendary Apple founder (and baby boomer) Steve Jobs.

Jessica Matthews, 27The daughter of Nigerian immigrants, this inventor’s high-tech fitness company, Uncharted Play, harnesses the power of physical fitness to generate clean, renewable energy and encourage people to get moving.

An ardent campaigner for “books, not bullets,” she recently celebrated her 18 birthday by opening a school in Lebanon for Syrian refugees.

MILLENNIALS BY THE NUMBERS 34%Millennials who have a bachelor’s or more advanced academic degree, making them the most educated American generation ever1 in 3Adults in year 2020 who will be millennials,000Average amount of student debt for a recent graduate, compared to ,000 in 19931 in 8Millennials who moved back in with their parents because of the recession, making them the “boomerang” generation250Average number of friends millennials have on Facebook—that’s 25 percent more than Gen Xers and up to 500 percent more than boomers70%Millennials who consider themselves social activists93 cents Amount millennial women make per dollar earned by their male peers, coming closer than previous generations to closing the wage gap Abby & Chris Elliott Face Off Born between 1946-1964, boomers have witnessed everything from the first moon landing on black-and-white TV to today’s social networks, and have redefined American politics, social mores and popular culture.With another boomer turning 50 every seven seconds, this generation is a “Silver Tsunami” that’s redefining aging, much as they did youth in the 1960s, when their motto was “don’t trust anyone over 30.” Living longer and working harder than ever, boomers have introduced us to the concept of the “second act.” Their optimism and idealism has been their hallmark for decades, keeping them resilient-—even in the face of a growing disenchantment with politicians, corporations and authority figures.What Chris Elliott has to say to Millennials BOOMER ICONSSteven Spielberg, 68This era-defining movie director and producer’s cinematic blockbusters reads like a “Best of” list of box office hits: , to name a few.Products include the Soccket, a soccer ball that can power a reading lamp, and Pulse, a jump rope that charges your smartphone.Every purchase gives a child access to Uncharted Play products and Think Out of Bounds curriculum.Kyle Smitley, 30A former law student who founded the organic children’s clothing company barley & birch (a breakout hit with celebs from Jessica Alba to Sheryl Crow), Smitley recently launched The Detroit Achievement Academy, a charter school that teaches kids resilience, grit and character development in addition to the standard curriculum.

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