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A necropsy has determined that two dogs left in a hot Range Rover outside the home of a prominent Palm Beach family died of heat stroke, Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control officials said Monday.The Dominican Government and many local websites try to portray the Dominican Republic as a dream destination for holiday makers and investors, when in reality there are no consumer laws protecting them.Moreover too many tourists are getting killed and the entire country is full of corruption, fraud and drugs.

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The Studio is Where it All Happens The Studio is where it all happens when Kevin Mc Cain is creating his artwork, whether illustrating a children’s book for a New York publisher or painting a vibrant desert landscape in Plein Air for a Western art gallery.

The studio is where Kevin goes to quietly express his thoughts and feelings through painting.

Kevin Mc Cain Studios opened over 15 years ago, when the opportunity to pursue his painting career full time became a possibility.

Since then he has been capturing the American Western landscape he loves in paint.

His adventures painting the landscape in Plein Air has taken him all across the Western United States, painting everything from high mountain forests to low desert washes to the gorgeous coast line of California. Follow my what’s happening in my Studio to keep up to date on Workshops and Classes 2016 Landscape Painting Workshops Join me for my plein air landscape painting workshops hosted at many extraordinary places throughout Arizona and Idaho.

High Time to Awake now has 13 Bible Prophecy books on amazon! The verse below states that the Antichrist will be revealed after Satan is cast … View full post Conqueror of Syria is the Antichrist! White I know that most Bible prophecy teachers say that Magog in the Ezekiel 38 refers to Russia. White Turkey says that they have cleared the Syrian border of ISIS (or as they like to say DAESH) from Azaz to Jarablus in one day!

But they all have their own theories about his identity.

High Time to Awake now has 13 Bible Prophecy books by Craig C. They are all available as Kindle e Book or Paperback. View full post Yes the Antichrist is identifiable now! White When I tell people that Turkish President Erdogan is the Antichrist everybody says that the Antichrist won’t be known.

View full post I wonder if Israel will ask Turkey for help to fight Syria in the Golan Heights? White History may be repeating itself concerning Israel. The Antichrist is compared to the Assyrian kings By Craig C. View full post Resurrection Because Jesus lives we will live. White The Resurrection of Jesus Christ happened three days after his death. The Resurrection is the raising up again to life of the dead. It is High Time to recognize that Magog is not Russia! View full post Will ISIS rule a revived Assyrian Empire? White The ancient city of Nineveh was the capital of the Assyrian Empire. World events are shaping up to the near time fulfillment of end time bible prophecy. White When Hebrew prophets talk about the burden of a city or nation they are describing the portion of God’s judgment that it must endure. In 612 BC God sent a flood of water to destroy Nineveh. View full post Photo credit: US Fish and Wildlife Service Daniel 7: The Leopard is Upon Us! White Commonly interpreted as describing ancient world empires, Daniel 7 has been sorely misunderstood. Now what they aren’t telling you is that Turkey’s primary target has been the Kurds. View full post Syrian Army fighting in Hamah By Craig C.

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