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A young Estonian woman is found dead on a piece of waste-ground, suspected of being buried alive.As the team piece together her movements, they uncover a world of prostitution and drugs hidden behind a respectable veneer. Following the disastrous raid Helen is suspended but she tells Banks that her colleague Trethowan reentered the house after the event, leading them both to surmise, correctly, that he was covering up for his girlfriend, the policewoman who Tasered Peter Doyle and Helen is exonerated.

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Banks' old neighbour Juliet Doyle comes to tell him that found a gun, wrapped up, in her daughter Erin's bedroom.

Helen leads a raid on the house, resulting in Erin's father Peter being tasered and ending up in hospital.

Consequently Annie is asked to head an investigation into Helen's decision.

Erin tells the police she was given a parcel, unaware that it contained a gun, by older boy-friend Jaff Kitson.

The gun was used to kill DJ Richard Martin and Banks makes a connection with villainous local businessman Al Jenkins. Banks learns that Jack Barber arrested Martin for John Gaunt's manslaughter when he was a constable but Jack denies forcing a confession.

However he visits Martin to demand the hand-over of a tape the group buried.

With Annie off the case for personal reasons Banks and Helen visit the band, who are planning to reform and hear that Ian Bassett was due to give Matt an interview before he was murdered.

Banks finds that both Jack and the band members close ranks when he mentions the tape, especially after Martin kills himself having given the tape to David Hornby, The ...

Matt Barber, whose father Jack is a respected high ranking policeman, and is now a London-based journalist is found murdered in a holiday chalet, owned by Liz Forbes.

Liz was the singer with a 1980s band the Crystal Kiss, along with Martin Soames, who is the chalets' caretaker.

Matt was seemingly investigating the death of another band member John Gaunt, over thirty years earlier, which, at the time appeared to have been an accident.

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