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This week's Chicagoan is Gina Monique, marijuana trimmer and advocate for the compassionate use of cannabis.

"I started smoking weed when I was a sophomore in high school. Then I started watching documentaries on the pot industry and learning about legal pot in California and Colorado, and I started to develop an interest in medical marijuana.

An app developer isn't cool with dating a young pregnant gal (even though she's also pregnant with app ideas), Max is a burgeoning pick up artist, and Crosby doesn't wanna be a daddy anymore on this week's .

The episode begins with Max—sweet, tall, little Max, with his sweet little Max baby face—stalking Dylan, the object of his desire, around Chambers Academy.

He takes notes and looks at her horse drawing garbage. He concludes from her garbage that she is a fan of both drawing and horses and, since he hates drawing, he will attempt to bond with her over horses.

(Though he can't imagine why she likes horses more than lizards.) I can't wait until the season ends with Amber giving birth at their wedding.

Speaking of Amber, when we meet her—after last week's Amber absence—she spills her coffee all over some dork who works at a vague tech startup, app-making sort of office. He asks for her phone number and later sets up a coffee date.

Instead of going on a normal coffee date, he takes Amber to a dog park where they pet stranger dogs whose owners are "on their cell phones." Sure.

Amber wonders, why isn't there an app for this?

I wonder, Amber, why aren't you running away from this dog park lunatic?

He indulges her app idea in what I am instantly worried will become a subplot, but luckily, later, after she tells him she's pregnant, he Nick Miller moonwalks away from the relationship. Now dateless and, still, pregnant, Amber gives Drew all of her fun stuff: skull bong, condoms, weed.

Instead of saying "thank you," Drew gives Amber a sweet talking to: pregnancy is not forever, he says.

In a few months, she'll be able to smoke weed again, and at that point Drew will return her skull bong. Elsewhere, the Bravermans are having a big ol' Braverman BBQ. Later, Adam and Kristina—in an attempt to lower his expectations—explain the scale affection to Max.


  1. Ist durch uns auch eine Aufhebung einer Lebenspartnerschaft online nach dem LPart G möglich ?

  2. Outside Japan, the series is licensed in France by Kazé Manga, with the first volume released on May 27, 2010.

  3. The company is gearing up to add a dual-camera system to its new phones, according to several reports.

  4. NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Nineteen men from across southeastern Louisiana were arrested as part of a month-long sting aimed at keeping Louisiana’s children safe ahead of the summer months, Attorney General Buddy Caldwell announced Wednesday.

  5. By the time I met Pete, I already knew we had a lot in common - 83% to be precise!

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