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A NOOK account, with a default credit card, lets you shop for NOOK Books, magazines, newspapers, and apps.

Having a NOOK account also allows you to synchronize your NOOK HD or NOOK HD+ with other NOOK devices and other NOOK Applications you might have, such as NOOK e Reader software applications installed on your i Pad®, i Pod touch®, Android Tablets, PC, Mac or Smartphone (i Phone® or Android phone).

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Your NOOK account is ready for use once you have set up the following: -An email address -A default payment method -A valid expiration date for the payment method -A current U. billing address If you have any questions about setting up an account, please call Customer Service at 1-800-THE-BOOK (1-800-843-2665). Start the registration process by selecting your country. If you're in another location with Wi-Fi access, your NOOK will list all the networks it finds. c) Fill in the form with your name, email, password and additional information requested. It's easy, just follow the step-by-step instructions on that page.

Tap on the name of the network you want to connect to. If you continue to have problems, please visit the Connectivity section for additional suggestions.

If you see a lock symbol beside the network's name, it's a secure network. Wi-Fi is a generic term used to describe wireless Internet access.

You'll need to enter a password to connect to that network. A Wi-Fi enabled device (such as a computer, laptop, mobile phone, or e-reader) can connect wirelessly to the Internet if it is in range of a wireless network.

Check with your Wi-Fi network administrator, or with whoever installed your Wi-Fi network.

If you can't find that person, you may need to reset your Wi-Fi router back to its original settings.Please go to the support site of your Wi-Fi router's manufacturer for information about factory reset and how to set up a network.Note that you may need to reattach any other Wi-Fi enabled device if you change the network name (SSID) or change the password.If you do not know the network password, ask the network administrator for help. Wi-Fi enabled devices connect to the wireless network through access points (or hotspots).Access points can be public (such as at a library, restaurant or bookstore) or can be private (such as at home, work or school).Public Wi-Fi access points usually don't require a password, but instead require a user to acknowledge terms of use.


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