Campbell adult center

The Campbell Adult Center offers a variety of fitness and special interest classes for adults 50+.

Browse through current class information: Fall class information In addition to the classes listed, the Campbell Adult Center also offers the following classes: ESL (Survival English) and Driver Safety Program.

For more details, contact the Campbell Adult Center at 408-866-2146.

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Our participants enjoy light physical and mental exercises together with fun-filled entertainment and the companionship of their peers.

This creates a sense of purpose and renews their zest for life. Research shows that meaningful activities and social engagement keep seniors active, happy and fulfilled.

Programs at our adult day care activity center are designed to cater to diverse interests.

Arts and crafts, line dancing, board games, concerts and plays—there is something for every participant to engage in and enjoy.

Your parent or elderly family member will enjoy the recreation, entertainment, companionship and meals we provide.

We also offer advice, education and emotional support for their caregivers.All seniors can benefit from activities that boost physical fitness and mental stimulation, and we welcome them.Our staff is also trained and certified by the Institute of Professional Care Education in caring for adults and seniors living with Dementia and Alzheimer’s.Our music therapy program is a big hit and has proven benefits for the elderly who are dealing with memory issues.All activities are conducted in a safe and controlled environment providing their families with the assurance that they are well cared for.Delicious and wholesome meals keep our senior participants nourished during their time here.

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