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The first elections to the Penrith Civil parish took place on May 7, 2015.

favour a derivation from the local equivalents to the Welsh or Cumbric pen 'head, chief, end' (both noun and adjective) + Cumbric 'rid', Welsh rhyd 'ford'.

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An alternative has been suggested consisting of the same pen element meaning 'hill' + the equivalent of Welsh rhudd 'red'.

in advance of an extension to Penrith Cemetery showed that the road survived better at the edges of the field.

The cobble and gravel surfaces appeared to have been entirely ploughed out at the centre.

The road was constructed by excavating a wide, shallow trench below the level of subsoil.

Large cobbles were probably obtained from nearby, as they did not appear frequently within the subsoil in the excavated area.

The cobbles were added to the excavated subsoil and this was dumped back into the cut to form a stable foundation, which was raised in the centre of the road to form a camber.

Penrith was an urban district between 18, when it was merged into Eden District.

The authority's area was coterminous with the civil parish of Penrith although when the council was abolished Penrith became an unparished area.

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