Datev belegtransfer online dating

In 1998 CEO Dieter Kempf led an initiative to add a second leg to its business by entering the legal services market.

Datev belegtransfer online dating

In 1974, DATEV offered its members a data by dial up service to replace the mail delivery of data on tape to the Registry. payrolls, accounting reports, taxes or stocks) continued to be delivered to members via post.

In 1984 work commenced on creating software to allow end client data to be processed directly "in-house" (i.e.

"on-site" in each members office) in preference to being processed at the data center "Registry".

The first "in-house" software applications were made available to members in 1989.

The initial "in-house" software was based on the IBM operating system known as OS/2.

In 1998 the "in-house" software was made available to its members on Microsoft Windows, as it was clear that the OS/2 operating system was going to be phased out.

In 1998, DATEV also began to focus on delivering more "in-house" business software services, consulting and training based on the increased demand by members.

The rapid increase in PC performance and availability of high quality (laser) printers (in duplex A4/A3) on site made the "in-house" processing of end client data both faster and more flexible than data center processing.

"e G") that is primarily a technical information services provider for tax, accountant and attorneys.

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