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I looked over the data files and the images, and some of them are unused in the final game. If you want to find them, they are delimited with var filename=" and final ".

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Was redirected to another site, then had to download the game in order to play it. Even in normal mode, any remnants can be erased within a second with Ctrl-Shift-Del. @beadsworth You don`t have a clue how to works a browser, right?

@Arizona The browser doesn`t cache items in Privacy mode. As such, most people view these sites in Privacy mode. More detail to writing and development and you could make better games.

Now ask what happens if the browser or your device crashes and can not clear the cache on close.

Everything runs within the browser and nothing can get out of there, plus anyone can read the code. A test in Chrome: Open a tab in privacy mode, go to any page and open the element inspector (cntrl + shift + i), go to the network tab, reload the page, look at the "source" column, surprise? When you close your session in privacy mode the browser will delete all those files, just as if you delete the folder downloaded.

No executable file, only plain text files that make up a web game.

The browser cache of online contents is stored in your hard drive. For this case, all files are always in the game folder, if you remove them, the game disappears.

It`s safer than online games for you privacy, further the hosts of online games know when you are playing, in offline games nobody knows.

I will not justify about the history, the facts are true but I`m not a writer.

Neither I`m not an artist, I did my best with the images...

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