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Since most people are already performing their daily work on a computer, it makes sense that they can find love on one as well.The stigma attached to seeking a mate online is fading fast.More and more dating sites are popping up to cater to the various needs of today’s singles. Some sites ask simple questions, while others engage the user in a lengthy interview process.

We are the first social network in the world that offers its users an extensive choice of online games and applications, not only for fun but also as a way of meeting new people.

We have everything prepared to start launching new entertainment features in the near future. We offer ready made partner solutions that can quickly and cost effectively create their own social network with access to the entire user base and all Wamba services.

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By advertising on our website, you get access to 3 million people who visit us every day.

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Finding love in this crazy, fast paced world, is nearly impossible.

With the “work, eat, and sleep” mentality of so many people these days, when does one even find the time to look for a relationship?

Social media presents a great solution to this problem.

Our 9 years of experience has enabled us to face this new project with both excitement and confidence.


  1. Telegraph Dating is an online dating service that will help you find women and men like you. Well I've found someone who makes me laugh, and so much more. I didn't actually think it would happen, but two people have become very happy thanks to the facility that you offered.

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  5. Pour les jeunes et leurs familles, le choix de l’orientation est difficile et souvent angoissant.

  6. For their first date, Anat, a native Israeli, and Alex, an American originally from New Jersey, were to meet at a café in a city that they both had never been to before.

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