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Furthermore it may be unrealistic to expect continuation of sports beyond light recreational, given the joint degeneration that is usually present and the high joint loadings with sports.

The current study is a systematic review of the literature, investigating whether it is possible to participate in sports activities after lower limb osteotomies for the management of hip, knee and ankle osteoarthritis or for prevention of its progression.

Areas of controversy Intensive participation in sports after osteotomy may adversely affect outcome and lead to failures requiring re-operation.

Growing points Patients may be able to remain active in selected sports activities after a lower limb osteotomy for osteoarthritis.

More rapid progression of arthritis is however a possibility.

Areas timely for developing research Prospective comparative studies investigating activities and sports participation in age-matched patients undergoing osteotomy or joint replacement could lead to useful conclusions.

Increased activity and active sports participation may lead to progression of arthritis and earlier failure requiring additional surgery.

In current clinical practice, patients with joint problems are frequently active and want to maintain an active life style, including sports participation.When non-operative management fails to control the symptoms, surgical options are considered.Hip and knee osteoarthritis are usually idiopathic, and total joint replacements benefit patients It is not known whether these procedures permit a very active lifestyle.Introduction Active sports participation can be important in some patients with degenerative joint disease in the lower limb.We investigated whether this is possible after an osteotomy for osteoarthritis of the hip, knee and ankle joints.Sources of data We performed a literature search using Medline, Cochrane, CINAHL and Google Scholar with no restriction to time period or language using the keywords: ‘osteotomy and sports’.


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