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Originally from Australia, is one of the fastest growing online dating sites in the world with over 11 million members worldwide and attracting over 350,000 new members each month.The Oasis dating site provides you with possible matches, and enables you to search their database for potential partners a moderated service where each profile is checked manually.

You can chat with your contacts using the Oasis Dating IM (personal details are always kept private.) Oasis dating states that it's free (although they have a suscription model as well).

As a consequence they have to place some ads in order to survive.

And since it's announced as free, it also attracts the kind of men that are "too direct".

With so many new members each month it may be hard to deal with all the customer service inquiries on time as well.

I've shown many people my profile and asked if there is anyway on my written on my profile or pic I show change and they all shrouded the shoulders and said no so is wrong with this wrong with this site and what world are these people living in??

If anyone wants to question me about this wondering why I not getting any luck on this site then send me an email and you have look for your self and tell me if you think there is anything wrong with my profile!!!

Today I logged onto my account to give it one last try, when out of the blue, Oasis threw me off the site back to the log on page.

I proceeded to try and log back on using my username and password, Oasis advised me my password was incorrect!!

The site itself is good, easy to set up your account and offers tips and warnings about being ripped off and or being exploited.

The problem i think is because its free it attracts some pretty dodgy people.

Being a genuine guy looking for a lady i found most to be angry, jaded and belligerent.

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