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The name's Bond, James Bond, and the business is profit. This year is the centenary of Ian Fleming's birth, which is seeing the 007 industry - not one known for understatement - go into overdrive.There is the usual flurry of cars, watches and vodka that will be sold on the back of the new Bond film, Quantum of Solace, out in November; the Imperial War Museum London's Fleming-themed For Your Eyes Only exhibition, which opens next Thursday; and the new Bond novel, Devil May Care, by Sebastian Faulks, to be published on May 28, Fleming's birthday.A lookalike car is all very well, but what about buying a glamorous home in one of 007's most unforgettable settings?

Jamaica - Dr No Ian Fleming's Goldeneye estate in Oracabessa, Jamaica, where he wrote all 13 of his Bond books until his death in 1964, offers new beachfront cottages.

Prices start at £365,000 through Pure International ( 02) - a chance for owners to re-enact Ursula Andress's infamous emergence from the waves in Dr No.

Building work has also started on a massive new development that will include 83 luxury homes, starting at £375,000 for a one-bedroom studio, rising to £1.59 million for a four-bedroom villa; they are all set around Fleming's old house and four other existing villas on the site, all of which are available for rent. The Bahamas - Casino Royale, Thunderball, Never Say Never Film fame isn't all good news for some locations, says Carly Barnes, MD of, who has an encyclopaedic knowledge of Bond locations.

"The Bahamas are classic Bond territory, but some key locations there are being decimated," she says.

"Café Martinique, where Bond danced in Thunderball, has been bulldozed to make way for a new hotel development.

The Never Say Never bar at the British Colonial Hotel, where Connery had a watery encounter with Barbara Carrera, was blown away by a hurricane, and the Straw Market, which doubled as the British secret service radio headquarters in Thunderball, fell victim to a fire."The beachside woodland at Coral Harbour was strewn with rubbish to mock up the slums of Madagascar.

But luckily most people simply remember the crystalclear waters and white sandy beaches, and we have had clients buy in Nassau as a result of seeing Casino Royale."Thunderball firmly established the Bahamas as the destination for the jet-set, and Lyford Cay is still popular (Sean Connery owns a home there).

But the weak dollar and wobbly US market means there are still some Bond-themed bargains in Grand Bahamas, where you can buy studio apartments from £25,000."The island is not as fashionable as it used to be, but it is being completely redeveloped with an Atlantis-style resort, marina and championship golf courses.

John Travolta has already bought there, so the celebrity-endorsement has started," says Barnes.

"This will become a very good investment in the next few years." Italian Lakes - Casino Royale; Quantum of Solace The lakes may have lost out on some of the glory by being mistaken for Montenegro in Casino Royale, but now they have a second chance with the largest of the Italian lakes, Garda, the setting for scenes in Quantum of Solace.

Filming starts this month, with Daniel Craig set to stage a high-speed car chase through Limone sul Garda, a holiday hotspot, and around Malcesine, Tempesta and Navene on the eastern shore."Garda already has a solid property market, with high demand for second homes from city-dwelling Italians, which is always a good sign, but being in the opening shot of a Bond film will be a great advert for the lake," says Sarah Ferrara from Garda Homes ( 00 39 3).


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