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My Table) row Header Viewport = j Component(4) row Header = row Header Component(0) ; row Header Preferred Size(

Dimension(100,0)) ; % 100 = width in pixels height = row Height ; row Preferred Size(

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Component(Unknown Source)I found two reasons why the latest version is much slower than before.

Both lie within findjobj_fast: 1) pause(0.001) is really inaccurate and actually pauses for 0.01 secs or more on my machine. 2) in find Tooltip In, the get Tool Tip Text method takes ages, especially because it is called 100 times until the code switches to the legacy method.

Both times it can't find an object via the fast method and my code wastes 14secs (for 6 ui elements to inspect) here.

My quick workaround is to reduce the counter to 10 (line 3390) and the pause to 0.01 (line 3395).

Find all java objects contained within a java container or Matlab GUI handle If no output parameter is specified, then an interactive GUI window will be displayed with a tree-view of all container components, their properties and callbacks.

Syntax: [handles,levels,parent Ids,listing] = findjobj(container,'Prop Name', Prop Value(s),...) Inputs: - container - optional GUI handle.

If unsupplied then current figure will be used - 'Prop Name', Prop Value - optional list of case insensitive property pairs. Supported properties: - 'position' - filter results based on those elements that contain the specified X, Y position or a java element Note: specify a Matlab position (X, Y = pixels from bottom left corner), not a java one - 'size' - filter results based on those elements that have the specified W, H (in pixels) - 'class' - filter results based on those elements that contain the substring (or java class) Prop Value Note: filtering is case insensitive and relies on regexp, so you can pass wildcards etc.

- 'property' - filter results based on elements that possess the specified case-insensitive property string or have property values in cell array format: {'prop Name', 'prop Value'}.

Example: findjobj(...,'property', {'Text','click me'}) - 'depth' - filter results based on specified depth.

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