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Without sounding like a fan boy I freely admit it is my most favorite gaming series to date.

Our single player experiences have been unforgettable up to this point and I wouldn't trade them for anything.

The Elder Scrolls series has been and will continue to hold it's own in the single-player arena, I'm sure of it.

My friends and I loved Tamriel with all it's quirks and adventure.

This was the only series where each of our experiences and adventures were so vastly different from player to player, yet the end result was always the same.

One hell of a fantasy experience, but a lonely one.We would talk about our experiences with a tone of excitement, but that's all we could do. Sure, soloing a dark dungeon full of vampires is great.And my dark brothers and sisters know that assassinations are best carried out alone.But I also want to go on epic fantasy adventures with other TES fans.I want to explore with them, spare with them, and frolic through the planes of Oblivion with them.Now enters the Elder Scrolls Online with a development team that swears by the Nine they aren't just making Elder Scrolls the Wo W game.


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