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It’s called , you make it clear that under all circumstances, the man should contact the woman first. The only way to be sure that a guy is interested is to let him make the first move.If you have something exceptional in common, he has to notice that, and contact you first.The rare exception we have found is when a woman “beats a guy to the punch” by answering his ad first and later finds out that he was about to answer hers, but hadn’t gotten around to it. Avi: Should a woman view a man’s online profile anonymously?

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” E&S: It’s fine for him to see that she has viewed his profile, as long as she doesn’t mention she has read it!

(Do not refer to it by saying something like, “oh, you said you like the Knicks, so do I”!

) Also, she shouldn’t add him to her favorite’s list as that is a dead giveaway of interest. If you don’t call back, a guy will try again by calling, texting, emailing, or Instant Messaging you.

Avi: One of the more famous says one should “Never call men and rarely return their calls.” I truly believe that men in under age 30 (because of instant gratification via technology) won’t call back if you neglect to return their calls. In the beginning of the relationship, it is best not to call back as calling shows a lot of interest.

You can text or email back that you got his message and are having a crazy, busy day so he knows you are interested.

Guys are surprisingly resourceful and will call again or figure out another avenue of technology to reach you.

Avi: Do Jewish women need do insure the proper order– there’s no trapping men into marriage with a pregnancy.

We have old-fashioned values (family first, Friday night dinners, etc.) that are all built around having a traditional lifestyle, Ms.

I recently caught up with Ellen and Sherrie to see if they could share a few of their favorite tips!

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