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At one point they hear drop three lines , which seem to Durblin the old butler, those that old Ormesley used to do with a stick to get his attention.

He also wants that no one dresses in mourning but as if they were going to pay him a visit.

The purpose by dead uncle is clear: playing a dirty trick to the two nephews, and having fun behind them ... This will read from Hallerton, counsel for the old, in front of everyone, suggests Philip and Harold, that if they refused, they could be excluded from a lot of generous bequests uncle.

In fact, even the will of his uncle is a joke made by his uncle to his nephews, because even if they refused they would not be excluded by the legacy.

The content of these last will cause criticism from some who refuse to dance and to dress brightly, Clara, Harold's wife, and Philip, the eldest brother.

Nevertheless, if Clara retires to pray once arrived at The Grange, the estate of Ormesley, others decide to fulfill the will of the dead, especially the two larger cousins: Before Philip (at 22 o’clock), then his brother (at five minutes past 22) will have to be alone with the dead, in the dark, in the study, while others will have to meet in the library to testify that Philip and Harold are actually entered in turn in the study.

Meanwhile, Stanley and Cicely, Philip's wife, go for a walk in the garden and here are surprised by a maid, while they are kissing (they have an affair), without them noticing, while all the others are inside the house.

Major Repford arrives, friend of the old man, who has routed him to the spiritualist practices.

Immediately he understands that his visit is not welcome because impute to him the spiritualist passions of his uncle and then what ensued.

Charles Ashton, is not a well known author, indeed.

Even on Gadetection, the best known specialist site in the world, the biographical information about him are void. And of course to his novels, ten in all: Murder in Make-Up, 1934; Tragedy After Sea, 1935; Death Greets to Guest, 1936; Calamity Comes to Flenton, 1936; Stonde Dead, 1939; Death for Two, 1940; Here's Murder Done, 1943; Fate Strikes Twice, 1944; Murder at Peveril Melton, 1946; Dance for a Dead Uncle 1948.

Of Classic Crime Fiction instead it found only that "Charles Ashton, born 1884, had one main series character, Jack Atherley. The novel I want to discuss is the last of his production: Dance for a Dead Uncle.

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