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As a result of that search a most profound program of preparation for natural birth was developed, which benefited not only new babies, but also adults who wanted to heal the consequences of their own dramatic entrance into our world.The latest studies in the field of prenatal psychology show undoubtedly the direct correlation between the quality and characteristics of the way we were born and our life's patterns and our personalities.It only makes sense to learn to do our best to provide our children with smooth transition into our three-dimensional reality.

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He suggested that the concussion human beings experience as we emerge from the weightless environment is far more devastating than we care to understand.

By the time we grow up and the function of understanding is available to us, we have no reference point to compare our brain power to what it could have been if we had not been, literally, smacked on the head by the immense pressure of our earthly gravity.

Like the proverbial Newtonian apple, the egg yolk played its part this time. If it had fallen on the pan, it would have had to obey the law of gravity and go flat.

The logical solution was to have baby's head emerge into water which serves as a buffer zone, giving the brain some time to adjust to the new environment. It took quite some time to convince the first woman to try it.

By the time I met Charkovsky he only had about a dozen of water births under his belt.

In the early eighties the whole movement of "conscious waterbirth" exploded in Russia.

During cold months of the year women were giving birth at home in their apartments, and every summer we organized birth camps at the Black Sea, in the middle of nowhere, far away from tourists and traffic, in shallow lagoons, where water is warm and clean and dolphins are plenty to play with.

Our focus was the search for ways to eliminate complications during delivery.

Nam dui nulla, pharetra non lectus vel, venenatis fermentum libero.

Nam id sem quis mauris porttitor consequat id vitae dolor. Proin ligula justo, iaculis quis ornare in, tempus id purus.

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  1. She wrote the manga Sand Chronicles, Forbidden Dance, "SOS," "Ten-nen Bitter Chocolate", Homemade Home, and "Chouchou Kumo (Butterfly Cloud)".

  2. The city's most famous sight is the 17th-century canals of Amsterdam (in Dutch: 'Grachtengordel'), located in the heart of Amsterdam, they are added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

  3. You're now watching One Piece Episode 325 English Subbed here at Just Anime Streams.

  4. Pongo este un dalmațian care trăiește alături de stăpânul său, Roger Radcliffe, un compozitor într-o casă micuță din Londra.

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