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“ Can get over boyfriend , can get over boyfriend” you mutter to yourself.

Unfortunately, your new mantra doesn’t seem to be working.

Even though he broke up with you and hurt you, you still love him.

If a relationship has failed, you are bound to wonder if it was your fault or if you should have done something differently.

It is probably a mistake to jump straight into a rebound relationship while still not over the first. You might consider some counseling or spend time talking with friends about your feelings.

You might take up a new hobby or sport (you can meet new people this way too) or take a holiday.

Personally, I have left one relationship and moved straight into another but it did work for me because the new partner (who I am still with) is much more suitable for me and I am happy.

As you feel familiar tears forming, you wonder if you will ever get over that man and, right now, your heart feels ripped into pieces. Have you ever been in love then broke up and felt brokenhearted?


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