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Hi it’s James from mjelly here at Mobile Zeitgeist for another mobile 2.0 service of the week.

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The key stats are pretty impressive: Flirtomatic is now expanding internationally – including to Germany with a dedicated site over at

The German site was launched earlier this year with a dedicated front-end although German users can also browse the profiles of US and UK users.

Something flirtomatic does very well is user-experience – they put „calls to action“ everywhere on the site to encourage users to engage.

This has been translated into the German version with links everywhere encouraging you to „Ein Flirtogramm verschicken“ or „Finde einen Flirtpartner“. Also 13% of total traffic is coming from the iphone, even though isn’t available in a specific iphone version yet – although this is coming soon.

The other interesting fact is that is delivering relatively stronger performance in terms of ad revenues than the UK.

With German services like expanding into the UK, it’s great to see UK mobile sites moving into Germany and succeeding – if the European mobile market is to continue to compete with the US and Asia we need more examples like this.

Juniper Research has just released a new report that claims the value of the mobile dating and chatroom market will grow to nearly .4 billion by 2013, and also pegs the total UGC market to reach .3 billion by the same time.

The estimate is up almost half from a report by the research agency that was presented in May 2008, which said revenues from mobile dating and chat services were expected to exceed billion by 2010.

The predictions are a bit optimistic in my opinion, but the suggested growth should make startups like the UK-based Flirtomatic, Meet Moi, Pluto Life and Ice Brkr hopeful, although the big dating sites like and Web Date are heavily experimenting with expanding their dating services to mobile platforms as well.


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