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Where to hear live music in Buenos Aires With a city boasting more than 11 million people you get a wide variety of live music being played throughout the city every night of the week.Here’s our list of great places to hear live jazz, rock, folklore (traditional Argentinean country music) and more.

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Shows performed daily, grand piano is provided by the house making for some of the city’s best performers to make appearances.

Vinilo Gorriti 3780 (near Gorriti and Jeronimo Salguero, Palermo neighborhood) This small neighborhood cafe has a wide variety of jazz, tango, folklore and live music almost every day of the week. Bonus: There are non-traditional hand crafted beers sold here; smoked red ale, blonde ale and a cream stout.

Both local and national musicians make frequent appearances to promote their latest albums or just to jam. This style of music is the traditional country of Argentina.

What Bluegrass is to the United States, Folklore is to Argentina.

Often played with a combination, but not limited to a guitar, charango (an instrument similar to a ukulele), bass drum, violin, piano, accordion, “quena” (a simple bamboo or wooden recorder) and harp.

The use and combination of these instruments depends on which region the music is based on.

A peña is traditionally a village gathering of food, music and dance.

Peñas are still common, however, in Buenos Aires it is obviously not a village gathering, but more of an event to those that are interested.

Traditional dancing, food and music will all be accounted for.


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