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Things go awry as Celestin erases Belldandy's memories of her boyfriend Keiichi and uses her as a catalyst to wreak havoc on Earth and Yggdrasil. Yukito Kunisaki is on a journey, seeking a girl with wings who flies in the sky, as mentioned in a childhood tale.

During this journey, he settles down in a small town, trying to make some money. Misuzu quickly makes Yukito her friend and invites him to stay with her.

Yukito decides to stay in the small town, and continue searching for the winged girl h...

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When the Sky turns Red, the Moon turns Black, and monsters begin roaming the streets, Satsuki Kakeru is at a loss for what to do.

Along with his best friend Yuka, they try to decipher why they have been sent to this strange world, which is seemingly empty aside from themselves.

However, when the "Red Night" ends, Kakeru and Yuka believed it was all a dream, until it happens again and they are l...

In this special episode, Kakeru and the team enter a "Pink Night" instead of red.

The "Black Knights" are now "Pink Ero-Rangers" and Lisolette is a bondage driver.

The team's powers are also warped with an erotic twist.

Kakeru can see through clothes, Yuka can change the boys into girls, Misuzu's swords are vibrators, Kukuri can speak, but only says and draws profanities, Yukiko becomes se...

The story begins with Blazea weapon that is the manifestation of a human's soul.

Tooru Kokonoe happens to be qualified for this, but for some reason his Blaze is not a weapon, but a shield.


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  2. According to Article 139(4) of the IPA Implementing Regulation, the operating structures were set up a Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) to assist the operating structures and the JMC in carrying out their respective duties.

  3. If you think Filipinos are color-blind, we are not, and don't ask me why! It has received a major upgrade when its alphabet was changed from 20 letters to the current 28 letters (same as the English alphabet but with the addition of Ñ and Ng right after N).

  4. Sometimes it feels like his plans are limiting us, and sometimes it's not easy to wait for God's timing.

  5. Later on, it was officially confirmed that a third series was in the making. and added that she didn't want to get involved unless she could have complete creative control.

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