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TWV is a neutral forum open to all adherents of the various Heathen religions, Pagan, Witch, Wiccan traditions and to Solitary Practitioners who/that follow a positive code of ethics such as The Wiccan Rede or The Ring of Troth's, Nine Virtues. We don't sell products, shake you for cash, or work any 'side deals' with Pagan Merchants or Publishing houses. As a medium, I can honestly say that my amazement with the human spirit continues growing as I do this life-changing work.Note: If you see any vendors offering a percentage of sales as a donation to TWV, do know that we have no control over this sort of activity nor do we endorse it. I have seen families healed, witnessed my clients' faith in something bigger than themselves renewed and strengthened, and have seen firsthand evidence that we live oninfinitely and with even more vitalityin the next realms.

A non-judgmental ear to hear us, or to listen into our souls purpose, can make all the difference when we feel stuck.

But I want more than just someone to listen in a psy It is not the length of time you spend in a place that is important; it is what you do in that place, in the time you have, that counts.

After eight months living in this Valley (and additional months here and then on visits) I have decided to move on, and I mourn that I am leaving after such a short time, when there is so much to discover here!

But I have decided that rather than feeling sorry to be leaving after a short amount of time, I will i In todays busy world, we all need time to reset our own clocks.

It doesnt matter what religion or path you follow, taking time for your own soul is important.

Nature is a part of our lives but taking time to appreciate it and tune in to it is what we typically lack. You can even order your food online and only leave your couch to answer the door. If you follow an earth-bas When I got my calling to travel down the Witches' path, I never thought in my wildest dreams that there would be so much to learn.

When I was teen and growing up in Utah I thought that the only path out there was Wicca.

As I got older, I found (through the Internet and social networking and by spending a lot of time reading at the library) that there are way many more paths within the Pagan path to choose from.

In my early 20s, I spent mo The experiences that generate PTSD shake us to the core.

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