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Barker, dressed as Aaron, even accompanied one of the girls to her family home and met her parents, who knew Barker as a girl.

Her cover was only blown when one of the girls removed Aaron's hat while asleep and realised he and Connor, whom her friend was dating, were the same person.

Even then she didn't recognise he was also her friend Gemma.

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When it emerged there was no evidence of that, 'he' telephoned detectives to say Gemma Barker could provide him with an alibi.

The same officer also received an email from 'Luke Jones' confessing to sexually assaulting the younger girl.'He was patted down and searched by officers and taken into custody as a male but it was only as clothes were taken in the custody suite that it became apparent that it was a female - and this defendant.' The judge said Barker had admitted that the relationships included kissing, cuddling and sexual touching, adding: 'Nothing that you have ever said to any expert or the police sheds any light on, or provides any understanding of, your motivation for these offences.

Referring to her first victim, the judge said: 'You, as Aaron, played upon her and her parents' vulnerability, by pouring out to them a saga of lies, including that Aaron’s mother had been killed in a road traffic accident in America, that his brother had died of leukaemia and that another brother had drowned.'He said it was important to stress that Barker’s deliberate deceitfulness and her disguise were so convincing they fooled not only the victims but their families and friends and also experienced police officers.

During the hearing, Barker's barrister, Chetna Patel, referred to probation and psychological reports which found she suffers from autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, commonly known as ADHD.

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'Nobody understands what it’s like to be told that the person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with is not real,' said one in a victim's impact statement read at Guildford Crown Court before sentencing.


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