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I know in my heart that it's evil, masquerading as environmental responsibility, but I can't take my eyes off of it. that's why there's geico." it's right up there with "nothing sucks like an electrolux." of course, the best commercial of all time is the EAGLEMAN insurance commercial, complete with a male eagle laying an egg. The slicked-back hair guy saying in a really thick Chicago accent "When you think caarrrs, think Perillo..." Cracks me up every time.

it's also a fabulous marriage of concept and graphics. but the best commercial of ALLL time is the little ceaser's commercial with the fake cheese that slowly slides out of a can and then keeps bouncing higher and higher like flubber. Thank you, family-run businesses for putting your homegrown boys in your ads.

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more arrogant than "Revolution." I have to mute the "Woo-hooh, ooh-ooh-ooh" Vonage commercials. The stereotypical mom and kids in this commercial act the way people in real life would, running away and screaming in terror as the cute cartoon sun character on the pop bottle literally comes to life at their kitchen table. The Kinks are my favorite band and for some reason I was nothing but happy to hear "Picture Book" selling printers.

He runs after them asking why they'r afraid, since he's full of essential vitamins, etc. there's a commercial for the radio station "love fm" on tv that i really like. I agree with the Peyton Manning and Nextel commercials.

In the last shot, the camera zooms in on Mom, as she screams "RUN!!!!! it's an animation of 4 office workers in their drab grey cubicles and they look completely defeated until! then they start smiling and shaking their fannies in their respective cubes (and pleasantville-style, they become colorful and bright). I'll also add the Bud Light ad with the guy who stays 2 minutes after 5 on a Friday. Oh come on ladies and gents, the Empire commercials, Menards etc...

i can't explain why i like this one, but it gets me every time (but i never tuned into the radio station)... ) commercials where they won't sell beer to someone under 30. when these jingles come on I am transported to my youth in a wave of fuzzy nostalgia.

Currently the VW "On the road of life..." CRASH (text crashes and flies all over) commercial is earning a place in my heart And I agree, I would do anything for 10 minutes alone with Peter Francis Geraci and a baseball bat! Any Capital One commercial with David Spade and the effeminate fat guy 3.

At first they scared me, but I've come to love the random Burger King creepy king commercials. The new Starburst one with the klepto makes me laugh. As terrible as they were, they were really pretty great. ANY Welch's Grape Juice commercial (They've been using the same ad campaign for too long.) But I'm Lovin' the newish Trib commercials with the cute characters and perky music!

The weird dancing/singing things from the Quizno's commercials also made me laugh. "here at quiznos we accept any coupon..." I hate the Welch's ones, too. The new Bally's gym one where the guy is "just trying to cop a feel" is icky to me. i don't have tv, d/l no-commercial tivo'd shows instead... I miss the United Airlines commercials with Gershwin playing in the background.

my favorite tho would be the ones for downer's furniture in springfield... also the tv station in northeast florida that only plays a loop of commercials for 'appliance direct! " over and over while making googly eyes at washer/dryer combos... I think the peer pressure ads with the squished teens are coming from a good place, but I can't imagine a 16yo who will identify positively with that visual communication. and regrettably, I love the lexus h ads, with the spontaneous, heart-breakingly beautiful de/reconstruction of an electric car and an suv. i can't remember what the product is, but what's that commercial where the tag line is "people make dumb choices all the time? the commercial says, "people make dumb choices all the time.

I'm really confused by the commercial with the "Debbie Downer" trombone noise (Waaa-waa) and at the end it says "That's why monkeys live in the zoo! I think the Tribune commercials with the little blue cartoon guy and the boppy music are cute.

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