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I would very much like to go to Turkey to show the film, but I'd like that to happen without the cinema owner being arrested.

Screamers, however, is much more than a backstage-pass movie.

VAUGHAN Print Edition - Section Front June 8, 2007 Before I watched Screamers, a new documentary by the BBC's Carla Garapedian, I thought the film was just another concert documentary - this time about the U. prog-punk band System Of A Down, who sound a lot like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and look a lot like Rage Against The Machine, two bands I cannot stand.

The members of SOAD are Armenian-American, and have dedicated themselves to educating the world about the Armenian genocide and the Turkish government's continued denial of the crime.

Remember the good old days, when concert films were all about Jack Daniels, bouncy groupies named Candy and the purple haze at the back of the bus?

A rockumentary about the Armenian genocide must be a first.

- One idea was definitely to reach a younger market, because who's going to want to go to the movies to see a genocide film?But what impressed me when I first went to a SOAD concert, and I wasn't a fan, was the number of human-rights groups camped out around the concert area.The young fans knew all about Armenia, Rwanda, Darfur - I was shocked by this.I guess I was rather cynical about the next generation.I'm not questioning the sincerity of the band, but isn't there a danger, especially when you're talking about pop music and kids, that the discussions about genocide will become just another part of their package? But in the case of this band, if you look at their record, they are very publicity-shy.They shy away from the usual trappings of publicity that surround rock stars. They don't really even talk publicly, and they were very reluctant to do the film.


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