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Wendy consents to go hand in hand with them, Dipper rests on her couch (unintentionally on her bra, to his ghastliness). Scoop, Mabel, Soos and Wendy get together at the tree where Journal 3 was found, and Dipper advises them of a mystery path into an underground fortification.

Wendy calls attention to a lever camouflaged as an extension, and as Dipper tries to think about an approach to achieve it, Wendy climbs the tree and actuates it.

The posse uncover an old broken down and conceivably deserted aftermath cover with apportions and supplies named from 2015 to 2070 (in excess of 60 years as per Dipper), as though the individual who existed there was planning for a debacle.

Gravity Falls has finally ended, and the last episode was definitely worth the wait.

Instead of victory thanks to a supernatural deus ex machina, Grunkle Pines sacrificed his memories to trap Bill Cipher in his own mind. Gravity Falls isn't really about the big mysteries - at the end of the day it's the characters which matter most.

Stan and Ford were forced to resolve their issues to save the kids, which was a long time coming.

But best of all, Stan beat Bill Cipher at his own game, proving that while Bill might be an all powerful trickster, Grunkle Stan's got the monopoly on sneaky gambits.

The twins switching clothes and trading identities was a neat callback to the fact that Stan adopted his brother's identity for years.

Weirdmageddon III: Take Back The Falls was emotional and exciting, with every relationship resolved and most plot threads neatly tied up.


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