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It is your loyal and humble servant, Frank “Bo” de Windt II, Director of Production here at Aksys Games.Today I bring to you joyous and momentous news in regards to our upcoming fighting game on PS4 and PS3, Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-.But first, let me explain a little bit about the game for those that have no prior knowledge of the Guilty Gear series!

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Thanks to that, 3D models have been fashioned to create the illusion of 2D sprites without anyone being the wiser.

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- has also enhanced its fighting mechanics and has significantly expanded upon one of the series’ long standing mechanics, the Roman Cancel!

Thanks to that, players will be able to have a myriad of vast fighting styles at their command.

The character roster also has a lot of familiar faces, from the widely known Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske, two beacons of the Guilty Gear franchise, all the way to someone as cute and adorable as the Jellyfish pirate, May!

(From what I gather, most, but not quite all, PS4 games are set up for Remote Play, but I was wondering if Aksys have had a chance to test that feature for themselves.) Also, on a side note, has the ship pretty much sailed on Fate/Extra CCC making it over to the West (even as a PSN-only title), or would imageepoch have to do a Vita edition for it to be worth (re)considering? What I want to know though is if the game will have Brazil portuguese subs ? said: I missed the japanese voices in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, so it’s nice to see we’re getting jp voices for GG Xrd. I can’t wait to see those sweet graphics with my own eyes.

said: You tell us to pre-order, yet in Canada there’s only a single retailer that carries your game.Why did you suddenly stop putting up your games for pre-order through Amazon, Futureshop, Best Buy, and EB Games?In the case of Arcana Heart 3 Love Max, it did show up for purchase but less than a week before release in other stores.Some of the newer characters include the unique and cunning, Bedman, who, like his namesake, is attached to and fights using nothing else but… And of course the monotone and lovely Ramlethal Valentine, whose swords, if used correctly, can really dish out some punishment on your opponent.Recently two more characters have been announced, Sin Kiske, who employs the power of lightning as well as a flag to battle his foes, and the lovely and pure Elphelt! She’ll give a whole new meaning to the term, “Shotgun Wedding”.She will be a DLC character, just for the curious among you.

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