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Another super rare vintage baseball bat in gorgeous EX-MT condition!SOLD ITEM 4: The offered vintage baseball bat is a19th Century "Wagon Tongue" Style Baseball Bat.

Next to that is a broad painted ring in the color of scarlet.

This fine bat measures 34 inches long and remains is gorgeous NR-MT to MINT condition, exhibiting no obvious signs of ever being used.

One of the most impressive vintage bats that we have handled in a long time.

SOLD ITEM 3: The offered item is an 1895 Spalding Bat with a huge “The Spalding” logo stenciled at center.

This is the Model B, the EXACT bat that is shown in the above Spalding catalog from 1895.

Along with the center logo this bat is also identified just above the handle as the Model B.

This is another first for us, as we have not handled another in the past 24 years.

Also of note is the very early Spalding trademark logo that is stamped into the knob.

ITEM 1: Offered here is an exceptional, 19th century baseball ring bat from the 1880's.

Made by Peck and Snyder, this antique baseball bat is a beautiful example from what is arguably the most desirable of all baseball bat and equipment makers.

This bat is 32 inches of a vintage baseball bat collectors dreams. The patina is ideal and the scarce green rings are a wonderful addition to a collectible that rarely sees any color.


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  6. (New York: Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History, Volume 61 (1) 1985).

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