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Generally, "Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing", "Memories Are Made of This" and "Moments to Remember" come across the best, while a version of "Sixteen Tones" reminds us just how poor Snooky Lanson could be when he tried to sing anything even vaguely related to rock'n'roll.I couldn't upload it in higher quality because I have a painfully slow Internet connection.The products plugged are "Lucky Strike" and Richard-Hudnut's hair thing (probably their home-Permanent wave).

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An ice skater, I forget her name, appears as guest for a few moments.

According to Wikipedia, As of 19th November 2009, the only living cast member in this episode is Russell Arms.

This series was live, and hence a few mistakes here and there.

Again, I will warn that Snooky Lanson's attempt at singing "Sixteen Tons" is both stiff and awkward.

An episode of "Your Hit Parade" from the 24th December 1955.

This NBC series presented the cast performing covers of pop chart hits.

This episode has excellent production values and one of the worst commercials of all time.

Also one of the few episodes of this series with an actual guest star.

Main Singers are Dorothy Collins, Snooky Lanson, Russell Arms, and Gisele Mac Kenzie. Cast: Andra Mc Laughlin (Ice Skater), Gisele Mac Kenzie (Vocalist), Snooky Lanson (Vocalist), Russell Arms (Vocalist), Dorothy Collins (Vocalist), Raymond Scott (Band Leader), The Hit Parade Orchestra (Orchestra: uncredited), The Hit Paraders and Dancers (Dancers: uncredited) and Tad Tadlock (Dancer: uncredited).

A copy of this live episode with original commercials and network ID exists and circulates online. The figure skater was Andra Mc Laughlin and she was (and still is) married to hockey legend Red Kelly. That song alone may have guaranteed her a place in Heaven! If she is not Carolynn Jones or Her sister Then Who in the World is SHE!!!

Is it just me or is GMac the most underrated star in history. She could do it all, especially that eyebrow thang! I understand I shouldn't review my own items, but I want to add a few notes and some show content info.


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