Human sexuality graduate course online

The Human Sexuality minor gives students an opportunity to study a range of issues—basic, in-depth and controversial—including women’s health, HIV/AIDS and the teaching of sexuality in age- and developmentally appropriate ways.

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more Postgraduate courses are for those who have already completed an undergraduate degree or have significant work experience behind them.

Many people complete postgraduate courses to further develop skills, continue their undergrad studies or to head in a new career direction.

There are a variety of different study levels available, including Masters, MBA's, diploma's and Ph D's. This may be a call to attention for some, but in reality, doctors have to deal with these issues every day.

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The clinical marketplace has a perennial shortage of therapists who can work with sexuality issues.

The goal of Southwestern College’s Certificate Program in Human Sexuality is to help address this shortage, and prepare therapists to add this powerful clinical specialty to their practice.

Three required clinical courses will ground students in developmental sexuality and facilitate the development of specific clinical skills for thinking, theorizing, and working with a variety of sexual issues.

Consistent with Southwestern College’s experiential, self-reflective approach to clinical studies, the program will also give students an opportunity to explore their own sexual development, attitudes, assumptions, sexual history, dreams and fantasies.


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