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The series comes on the heels of a handful of You Tuber collaborations Linda has hosted over the past two months, including a fairy-themed shoot with Carrie Hope Fletcher, and a Snow Queen-inspired series with Louise Pentland.

With her latest shoot, Linda has decided to continue the tale of , with Dodie Clark playing the title character and Hazel Hayes as the Evil Queen.

“Through my work, I try to create or retell stories by combining imagery and narrative,” explains Linda, speaking with Ten Eighty.

“In this photoshoot, I wanted to work with characters [that] resonated with Dodie and Hazel: the delicate, yet strong-willed Snow White and the beautiful, determined Evil Queen.” The photoshoot was the first time either Hazel and Dodie have worked with Linda. ” “It was an absolute pleasure working with Linda,” adds Hazel. I’ve adored and admired her photography for a long time, so to be a part of one of her shoots was such an honour.” The photos in the series were published in four parts, with the first being uploaded on 24 January and the final on 3 February.

When asked how the experience was, Dodie says: “Linda is incredibly talented and just lovely. In order to bring both Snow White and the Evil Queen to life, Linda teamed up with UK make-up artist, Ashleigh Bunce.

When asked how it felt to be turned into Snow White, Dodie explains that it felt a little bizarre: “Linda kept reminding me that I was in character.

I was, at first, a bit self-conscious, feeling nothing like myself in a very feminine costume.

But after about half an hour, I was prancing around, pretending to sing to birds, whilst Hazel was working a fierce pout!

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