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Though they are mostly designed for the US residents, but there are also some that will be useful for residents of other countries.For example, looks for “Internet trace” of a user, helps to identify him/her, to find photos.

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As you may know, any image file contains a lot of hidden information about itself and the way it was taken or edited.

JPEGsnoop scans the image and offers you all that detailed information called EXIF data which contains information about camera, edition program, date, color histogram, compression format, etc.

What we have to stand out from the large list of features is that the program tells you if the phot has been edited or not.

That's a good way to know if that beautiful person is original or has been 'photoshopped'.

JPEGsnoop supports a good bunch of image formats, including: JPG, THM, AVI, DNG, CRW, CR2, NEF, ORF, PEF, RAW, MOV, and PDF and offers you the possibility to export information as TXT.

The web-site tells about several online tools, using which you can verify the authenticity of photos, extract as much data from them as possible, and to find more information about a person.

– a free tool where you could upload a photo or provide a reference to it and Findexif will identify EXIF-data (when and with what device a photo was made, image characteristics, sometimes a place, where a photo was made, could also be identified).

Foto Forensics – a web-site that can run error level analysis (ELA), that is to find parts of a picture that were added to it after editing.

After processing a photo the program produces the image with edited parts standing out.

Besides, the program will also provide EXIF-data of a photo. You could upload a photo there in order to find its origin source and to examine where else it was published. JPEGSnoop– a program that has to be installed (only for Windows).

It shows metadata not only of images, but also of such formats as AVI, DNG, PDF, THM. For example, it makes possible to detect errors in corrupted file, to find out if an image was edited and so on. To determine a photographer or an origin of a photo.


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