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But, I guess this it typical of television and movies. Last night's episode was fun, and can you please say something nice on Paltrow for a change? I didn't get the neglected artists theme in connection with the general song and performer selection (Adele and Aretha neglected? Gwyneth was basically the only outstanding thing tonite. Damn, Cheyenne can't even credibly butch it up as much as NPH does on his little sitcom. His, "I'm not gay" line was laugh out loud hilarious. My favourite part was the mention of the Honey Badger!If they think we like something, then they pound it out, relentlessly. She does read the Data, and how would you like to read something bitchy about you? I love, love, love the show, but agree that Sue is just too mean.

I have to admit that I was not a fan of last night's episode either.

And since Glee runs in real time they should have been dating for about a month now. I liked Tina's song the best, maybe one of these days she can actually sing one through without crying.

Even Sam had his arm around Santana and they basically hate each other. Yes, I know it's a TV show, but a principal who constantly tries to undermine a few kids? The only other good thing about the episod was the introduction of the brainiac team and the cut away scenes with them. Especially since the actress pretty much sucks at fake crying. Most of the stuff I disliked was already mentioned, such as:the wrestler chick being Mercedes' "manager". Schu, step up and simply say, "This is a high school singing group, one student doesn't have the right to make demands.

What is this whole hatred Sue has for the Gleeks about? It's a little over the top and, as some posters pointed out, a little tired. Chris Colfer has really grown, his face is much thinner now and actually pretty. If Mercedes can't sing without demands, then she won't sing." And near the end of the episode, it was up to Rachel to get Mercedes back while the wrestler just stood there? Bringing back some old peripheral character for what, to do Sue's bidding?

This show has veered way too much into absurdity, in much the same way 30 ROCK has. I don't understand why people are so willing to help her with her dirty work.which bring me to Becky.

I suspect Jane Lynch is too nice a gal and grateful for her gig to speak up about how violent her character is. As others have said, it's basically closing in on Sue abusing this girl's trust, especially since we've already seen how caring Sue is to her own sister with Downs.

I'll be very curious what they shoot in NYC next week. I loved her scheming in the beginning when it was fairly innocuous but it has become downright evil and very unfunny. It is particularly disturbing considering it is coming from someone who has a sister with Down's. I like Mike Chang (Harry Shum, Jr.), but what is the point of him being in a glee club when all he wants to do is dance?

I remember when we first saw the sister and how moved we all were to see the other side of Sue. I think the only scene I liked was Kurt, Blaine and Santana facing off against Kurofsky in the hallway.

Pretty much all the websites that post opinions fit the bill, r1. What about that football player about NCIS, bitch better not have said anything bad about that show. They didn't even care enough to mention it in the recap.

But at least we admit that this is a place for snarking and bitchery. I don't think the writers really wanted them together. R17 Really, because they were acting exactly the way they were before the kiss.

Naturally I couldn't help but think she's been here (or Ryan) on DL and they are sending us a shout out. I couldn't help but notice they didn't even mention Kurt and Blaine kissing in the last episode. R15, Kurt and Blaine are clearly together, so I don't know what the fuck you're tanlking about. You're seriously deluded if you think she's weeping or worrying over your posts. His special cameos are beginning to feel like Eleanor Roosevelt visiting the troops.sorry, but WANT to really like this show..it is just too...preposterous. I just hope the remainder of episodes are better than this....


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