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Alejandra has lot her memory and her touch with reality.The three men decide to protect her because Eugenia died while trying to save her.

But what no one knows is that Edmundo has been blackmailing Victoria for years because she is responsible for killing Nicolas Santacruz, Alejandra's father.

Edmundo extorted money from Victoria for the care of Alejandra, and every month, she received a picture of Alejandra.

Fernando develops a close relationship with Alejandra as the young troubled woman seems to only respond to him.

Efrain, a psychologist, begins Alejandra's rehabilitation, and he falls in love with her.

Zair Montes - Alejandra Ricardo Bianchi — Fernando Elluz Peraza — Victoria José Bardina — Félix Arnaldo André — Jorge Rafael Romero - Ramiro Henry Soto — Edmundo Esperanza Magaz — Cruz Raúl Xiqués — Linares Javier Varcárcel — Efraín Karina Orozco — América José Vieira — Marcelo Lourdes Martínez — Mildred Esther Orjuela — Zuleima Cristina Obín — Gladys José Rubens — Rufino Reina Hinojosa — Beatriz José Paniagua — Isaías Daniela Navarro — Mariví Damián Genovese — Diego Luciano Scorzia — Nilsson María Isabel Perozo — Briseida Karina Lescarboura — Arolkys Silvia Solana — Rebeca Saúl Martínez — Guillermo Roque Valero — Tony Marco Antonio Casanova — Javier Indira Serrano — Dra.

Lejana como el viento (Distant like the wind) is a Venezuelan telenovela produced by Laura Visconti Productions and broadcast on Venevisión in 2001.The telenovela was written by Laura Visconti and stars Zair Montes and Ricardo Bianchi as the main protagonists Eugenia is eagerly planning her impending wedding to Edmundo, and her friends Fernando, Ramiro and Efrain are surprised at the news and her happy for her as they help in the wedding preparations.However, Eugenia's happiness will be cut short when she discovers a young woman locked up in the basement of Edmundo's home.Eugenia quickly alerts Ramiro who is a police officer about the existence of the secret woman.But Edmundo discovers about it and covers his track before the lady is discovered, and he murders Eugenia.Fernando, Ramiro and Efrain swear to get revenge for the death of their friend.


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