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The experience was far better than other companies we have used previously, and I will in future use Sixt for any further car rentals Hard selling of insurance to cover the excess charge in the event of damage.Even when I said I already had such insurance the sales pitch continued.

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We had the same lady at drop off that we had at the airport desk and she was again arrogant for no obvious reason.

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Eastnet have helped me on every step of the way, from filing my tax returns, to appeals, to job seekers allowance, and housing benefits. They have managed to claim back £2700 of overpaid taxes in the last two years and all my applications have been successful. Eastnet have done a great job and I am happy that I have found them. Arturas Rudokas If you got in trouble, had an accident, I suggest you to look for help in Eastnet Claims Company.

They have annulled my penalties, and also returned two years of tax returns, of which I only paid £40 of tax!

I felt obliged to leave a testimonial after Eastnet have helped in my tax returns.

Kind Professional staff will listen to you and will definitely help, and steer you in the right direction.Especially I would like to thank Julija, who always found a time to explain unclear information, always informed about changes and suggested better options to solve my case.Thank you Inga Akmens Thank you for your help and assistance with my tax credits awards and tax returns.Professionalism courtesy and being treated as a person who was not suspected as being a person on holiday for the sole purpose of damaging a hire car.Quality company who afforded me the respect I afforded to their car.Not all the scratches on the vehicle were accounted for on my receipt.


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