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Those freaky Dreg may not know much about math, or science, or hygiene . You’ll save a few coins buying these sets instead of buying each item individually. We’ve got two new Sky Remodels able to be used to dress up your housing plot.

This week, it’s all about account-bound pets (and one mount)!

We’re offering the option to purchase these store items for one character, or for a bit more, your entire account.

Let’s dive into the cuddly world of these conspicuously-small tagalongs in this week’s store update. Graceful and proud, dawngrazers are an important part of the Nexus ecosystem. You know, there are just some questions you shouldn’t ask. Just adopt your own Fawngrazer, and don’t think about it too much! Adopt the Techno-Phage Bobberbot, and watch your back.

If this itty-bitty saurian could talk it would probably want to call you mommy or daddy... It’s a real rarity to see one of these alive since their entire species is believed to be extinct, but making dreams come true (for money! Now Protostar is offering miniature versions of them for a nominal fee. Sure, this little guy might be a highly advanced piece of Ikthian technology infected by a dangerous and virulent form of the Strain, but come on, look at his ‘ittle-wittle cheeks! Adult roan wander the plains of Nexus quite peacefully, but it’s time to start teaching them to protect themselves.

We are also a few steps closer to announcing the launch date for our Twitch Channel!

Currently, I am in the process of testing out some recipes for the Awkward Chef series and it’s still… I hope you enjoy them and thanks to everyone for the amazing birthday wishes! Once again thank you for the ask of the kind birthday wishes and I hope you all enjoy your weeks and weekends!

So today I will finally be sharing the photos I took during the day!

We are currently updating our computer and attempting to expand bandwidth with our internet company…ugh.

Face your fate and find a fortune (or three) with this mystically magnificent bargain pack of goods. Kick up your feet, throw on a pair of sunglasses, and let out an audible sigh; first up we have the Sky Remodel – Tropical.


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