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Sardines are rich in healthy Omega-3s, which are essential for the development of your baby's eyes and brain.Sardines are low in mercury, so they are safer than the large ocean fish.Buy the sardines that are packed in their original oil or in olive oil.

If you are pregnant, you want to take every step you can toward delivering a healthy, happy baby.

That means keeping yourself healthy and eating the right foods.

You will find several foods on the grocery aisles that are excellent for the expecting mother; many that you have probably never thought to try before now.

You have probably never tried these foods because you did not know they were so good for you and your baby.

You will not hear most obstetricians recommending sesame seed to their patients, nor will you find a good old spelt snack recipe in your average pregnancy book.

A number of inexpensive foods are available all year long, and they are easy to prepare so there is no extra time on your feet in the kitchen.Most of the nutrition content of blueberries is retained when they are frozen.Be sure to eat wild blueberries to get double the amount of antioxidants that you would get from blueberries that are grown conventionally.Try blending a few blueberries with some plain yogurt and top with chopped almonds for a great treat.Kidney beans are great to eat all of the time, but especially if you are pregnant.They are packed full of antioxidants, fiber iron and protein.


  1. Sad times are ahead for Rachel as she discovers the true horror of what Pierce has done in tonight's episode.

  2. In response, a small team of armed undercover policewomen recently started patrolling the city's Trans Milenio buses while women-only carriages were introduced as a pilot programme on three routes during off-peak hours earlier this year.

  3. Eleanor's father Tim Hawkins, 58, earlier told the Guardian: “She doesn’t want to second-guess what’s going to happen. Footage of the naked stunt was put online by Canadian adventurer and blogger Emil Kaminski, 33, who became the fifth tourist yesterday.

  4. Japanese or South Korean ladies also find it much more easy to travel abroad so you can be reasonably certain that they're not after a visa or green card.

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