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Details on how Mc Afee products have been impacted by Open SSL Heartbleed vulnerability Question: How are Mc Afee products impacted by the Open SSL Heartbleed vulnerability?

Click spam, reporting, and check the following options. Answer: INFO Commonly, when issues are reported with pages not displaying correctly in the Control Console or unintended behavior with any of our pro...

Question: What Browsers Are Supported by Mc Afee Saa S?

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Common SMTP Error Messages Question: Common SMTP Error Messages Answer: DESCRIPTION The following is a list of common error codes returned when using the Mc Afee Email Protection service.

This list does not contain all codes and there may be varia... Question: How do I change my Mc Afee Saa S Control Console password? Problems Authenticating with Mc Afee Saa S LDAP Question: I have local and/or multiple domains listed in my Active Directory.

Answer: To change your Mc Afee Saa S Control Console password follow these steps: 1. Can I still use the Mc Afee Saa S LDAP Authentication?

Answer: Customers who define multiple domains or use an internal domain...

ERROR: 554 Denied [IPR] (Mode: normal) Question: ERROR: 554 Denied [IPR] (Mode: normal) Answer: Messages denied as spam with the error 554 Denied [IPR] (Mode: normal) are being denied for poor IP reputation caused by high spam traffic seen by our ... In order to Add/Delete/Move Users to your Postini Account, Please log in as the account administrator and follow the below steps: Adding New Users * Click the "Orgs and Users" Tab at the top of your page. A new administrator can be easily added by following the below steps.

What is a "Fingerprint" and How Can It Affect Email Delivery? Let me know if you need any additional information.

Question: What is a "Fingerprint" and How Can It Affect Email Delivery? -Log into Postini admin console -Click show hierarchy in the top left hand corner in the blue bar -When the Hierarchy appears, ...

Answer: INFO On occasion, inbound mail may be denied with a _554 denied_ error. Blacklisting Bounce - Message Delivery Failed Due To RBL Question: We received a non-delivery report stating that Mc Afee is blacklisted. Answer: The bounce message that you are seeing references a disreputable blacklist. Where do I Download the Outlook Plugin for Email Archiving? Non-Account Bouncing will assist in blocking directory harvest attacks, which will in turn preserve valuable network and server resources. It is set in your user organization within Postini. Messages Not Delivered or Delayed with Cisco Appliance Question: Messages to my users are being delayed, or not delivered at all. Included below are the instructions to configure a smarthost on Exchange 20.

How to Pull Internet Headers from Email Message Question: How do I pull internet headers from an email message? Mc Afee Saa S IP Ranges Question: What IPs should we lock down to so that only SMTP traffic from Mc Afee Saa S comes through?

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